Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Open for Business!

Yay! Edited by Alison Tyler, and out ... now, I think, is:

Open For Business, tales of office sex.

My wee short 'Rat Race' is tucked in here along with 21 other hot stories from lots of friends and esteemed colleagues.

Actually, wouldn't it be cool if we did have an office altogether? I kind of miss the 9 to 5. We could have a grand glass tower in Rekjavik and a receptionist, and everyone would turn up to work in their pyjamas. And I'd be out by the service entrance smoking tabs all day, if I remember rightly.


Jeremy Edwards said...

And the receptionist could have one of those magnetic boards posted—the kind that normally shows whether each employee is in or out of the office. In our case, it could show what subgenre each of us was working on that day.

"No, I'm sorry, Ms. Magennis can't be disturbed just now. [GLANCING AT MAGNETIC BOARD] She's in a threesome."

Nikki Magennis said...


And of course every lift/elevator would have to have the usual floor buttons and then an extra one labelled 'quickie'.

In fact, the whole building would inevitably be covered in booby traps.

(ta-ding, *tish*!)