Thursday, January 10, 2008

Ha. Ha. Ha.

Gaaaaah, my book's gone funny. I don't mean peculiar, I mean ha-ha. Some reason my heroine keeps cracking jokes.

I think it may be to do with my latest positivity experiment, gleaned from a book who's author is so chirpy you can hear her hyperventilating as you read. The exercise is: Every day, choose something positive about yourself and every time you start to think of gloomy neggy things, quickly switch focus to your chosen blessing-for-the-day.

I started with feet (I have nice feet), and moved on to my sense of humour. Yesterday I kept reminding myself what a fabulous sense of humour I have, even when I chipped my favourite turquoise plate, even when another friend called to announce her engagement (and yes, of course that is cause for celebration, I'm over the moon that everyone I know is getting hitched and/or pregnant while I bravely plough on creating plasticene porn films for la posterity. But I digress) even when I banged my shin very hard on the bath tap. Haha, I said. I have such a feckin great sense of humour. Ahaha. Sob.

And then later when wrestling with Chapter five, every time I wrote dialogue, my mean and moody and hep heroine kept bursting all the sultry bubbles with wisecracks. I told her to shut up and she stuck out her tongue.

This is something I struggle with, being of grasshopper bent. I flicker through moods like a shapeshifter, and a novel takes a few months to write, during which I've gone up down and sideways about four hundred times, and sod it, the tone has leaked onto the page. I'll let her keep her funnies for the moment, and do something horrible to her in Chapter six to wipe that smirk off her face.

Today's positive affirmation: I am determined. (This is a lot harder than you might think, coming up with thirty different positives and no repeats. Maybe I should have started with 'left foot', and saved 'right foot' for another day. Ah well. I still have 'not dead yet'.)


Just Craig said...

Don't you hate it when your characters--your characters-- won't play nice? You'd think they'd be more grateful, there you are breathing life into them, trying to torment them and they keep cracking wise.

Think of chapter six, quaff a pint of ale and have a nice, evil laugh.

Nikki Magennis said...

Thanks, Craig, I shall do! Though I'm crap at doing that evil laugh. Wait ... *Clears throat* ... BWAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHHA!!!!!

No, see, it just doesn't come out right. Sounds more like a sob, doesn't it? Must try harder.

Anne Tourney said...

My characters are always cracking jokes, farting, falling over things, having slapstick sex when they should be doing things that are dark and dangerous.

I like your idea of authorial justice: Fine for them to do what they want, as long as they're suitably punished.

Here's my positivity affirmation for the day . . . I have all my appendages! Woo-hoo! Now where's that bottle of scotch?

Nikki Magennis said...

Hey Anne,

Yes but you manage to pull it all off beautifully with the lighter side of your characters! I shall aim to emulate that grace.

And I like your affirmation. I might borrow it, as I seem to have run right out of affs for the weekend...