Monday, January 07, 2008

Glasgow cures the common cold, the only way it knows how

DEAR LORD I CAN BREATHE AGAIN! Thank you! I'd like to take a moment to thank Vitamin C, my immune system and malt whisky.

Sometimes I think it's almost worth being ill, because afterwards the usual humphy everyday me feels like Bionic Woman.

Anyway, I am back to sniffling fitness and was very pleased to stumble on Lucrezia Magazine yesterday, a new emag which looks very cool. I was also pleased to discover that the woman behind it is Anastasia, of 'Sexualite' fame - a prolific and thoughtful writer who will no doubt make waves with this new venture.

Novel news: Yes, I'm doing it. Feeling my way forward. I'm really looking forward to launching this book, for one 'cause I hope it'll be a good one, and for two cause I have plans. I want to find a band to record one of the songs I've written for the imaginary band in the book. (It may be ridiculous but if I do one thing it's research as thoroughly as I can (yes I said research, not furious tangent. Of course creating a band and video isn't procrastination, are you mad?)).

So if anyone knows of a band who'd like to pretend to be The New Rakes so I can make a video of them, let me know. I need two girls and two guys, who look all sultry and hep. Cheekbones and hair-over-the-eyes style. Mmm. Lowslung guitars and electro ability.

Yes, I am definitely getting into this book ...


Just Craig said...

Hey Nikki,

Your new project sound killer. I love playing with music motifs in my stories. I'm working on a novella with a music setting now!

I'd like to be able to help you get your band together, but the musicians I know would not qualify as Sultry or Hep. Talented, yes, Sultry, not so much.


That is some wicked, serious research. Think of the promotional value of a supporting video for a book. It boggles the mind!

I wish you the best on your project.


Nikki Magennis said...

Hey Craig!

Oh, not sultry? Not even with lots of cool lighting effects and photoshop?! ; )

I have a particular look in mind for the characters, which I'd like to replicate. Something like Blondie/Garbage/Dragonette/Goldfrapp. But real proper musos would be wonderful! We could make a supergroup!

If I don't find any real musicians I'll make some out of plasticene and do a stop-frame animation. My publisher will love it, I know they'll be like Wallace and Gromit, only with nudity. Eurgh. Actually, scrub that ...

Really, I should write the book first, shouldn't I?

Just Craig said...

Nikki, are you trying to give me a computer malfunction?

I nearly spat my coffee over my keyboard and monitor as I visualized Shirley Manson dancing about as a nude Wallace and Gromit character, characteristic teeth and perky nipples blazing. "I'm only happy when it rains..."

I think after a nice outline of the book, you can dive right into the video. Hell, I'll even help you produce it if you go the Wallace and Gromit route!

I think it's way cool that you're even creating songs. Sometimes the back story and supporting materials are half the fun!


Nikki Magennis said...

Produce it? Do you mean 'make it'? Or the other more serious and professional meaning of 'produce' that I don't really understand??! Craig, that would be fuckin ace! Let's do it! I'm making the plasticene nipples right now!

Just Craig said...

I'm ready to go!

And if, for some reason, the plasticene doesn't work out, we can always use those little Lego people. I'm sure the folks at Lego have made a few characters with one eye hidden beneath a shock of vibrant red hair and a Brazilian bikini wax.

So many options for high powered producers like us!

Madelynne Ellis said...

You're crazy, Magennis!

I have lots of plasticene. What colour nipples were you thinking?

Nikki Magennis said...

Lego, I like it. Movable parts are always handy when planning something smutty.

And Madelynne, brilliant, thanks, I need 'dusky apricot', according to what it says on page 14. I think smooshing orange and pink together should do it.

Smut Girl said...

Oh, sounds good. Hurry up and finish so I can read it. I'd much rather read my friends smut than force myself to sit and write it. :) It's much easier to pour a glass of wine and get lost in a good book...right?

Happy new year!

Nikki Magennis said...

Read it??? Read it?? But I am making the pretty film with the apricot plasticene nipples and the...

You're right, Sommer. I'll get on it. Cheers, love, and a very Happy New Year to you too! x