Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Spread a little love

Midwinter and associated Christmas festivals just around the corner, eh?

Have you been good boys and girls?

I think these pretty condoms are a wonderful idea for a Christmas present. Even better, they are Oxfam condoms and will go to community projects in South Africa along with educational materials. Better yet, tick a little box and you'll get fair trade chocolates too!

(Um, I mean, whomever you choose to give the gift to will get the chocolate. Of course, if you're being so good and charitable, you wouldn't want to go and spoil it by eating a whole box of chocolates all to yourself so that you felt all over indulgent and fat and despaired of ever being able to fit into the pair of corduroys you bought when you first met your boyfriend and were on that newly-in-love-can't-eat-a-thing accidental diet and now can only look at mournfully, thinking of the way your ass used to look with the lovely pocket detail clinging to it and also musing sadly on the exquisite irony of the fact that the damn things are actually chocolate coloured. Would you?)

Lots more great ideas for presents there too - just clickety click right here and whoosh, happy presents, wrapped and delivered ... easy...

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