Tuesday, November 27, 2007

My, what a big vocabulary you have!

For those of you who enjoy frittering your time away as much as I do -

Visit free rice to play an addictive word game. For every word you correctly identify, the sponsors buy 10 grains of rice which goes to people who need it.

Play today!

In other news - my Indian historical story has been accepted - yay! More on that later. And my washerwoman story got rejected - again...I love that story but it's perpetually homeless!

Swings and roundaboots. Right - I've left Zorro and his dubious moustache in a bandstand, must give him his orgasm and a bittersweet ending before lunch.


Jeremy Edwards said...

I have only one word for you and your character's moustache, Nikki Magennis:


(Look it up here.)

Nikki Magennis said...

God, Dutch is a wonderfully filthy language, isn't it?

Thanks Jeremy, I should have known you'd have the correct term to hand!