Thursday, November 29, 2007

Yes, yes, yes.

Thank you, Mr Cave. For the tight pink T shirt, the random lovely men gyrating on podiums, and the gorgeous filthy lyrics:

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

My, what a big vocabulary you have!

For those of you who enjoy frittering your time away as much as I do -

Visit free rice to play an addictive word game. For every word you correctly identify, the sponsors buy 10 grains of rice which goes to people who need it.

Play today!

In other news - my Indian historical story has been accepted - yay! More on that later. And my washerwoman story got rejected - again...I love that story but it's perpetually homeless!

Swings and roundaboots. Right - I've left Zorro and his dubious moustache in a bandstand, must give him his orgasm and a bittersweet ending before lunch.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Ya! Shazam.

I just got word from Black Lace, and the man from Del Monte says: Rock n Roll.

That's right - less than one year to wait until the smut corners of bookshops everywhere will be graced with my next novel! (So far titled: Bitchbook/The Rakes/Lady Lick/Breaking the Rules - uh, how about a competition for a title? Winner gets a Jesus Christ Superstar album, hardly scratched...or a signed copy of said book.)

Apparently it's very horny. This, I believe, is good. Anyway, I need a filing cabinet and some fishnet stockings, toot suite! Me and my sweaty minion smutting helpers will be hard at work soon to create a wonderful rock opera - no, a sexy novel with a deeply rocking sound track. Yes, that's the idea.

It's about a girl who sings in a band. Her lead guitarist. Her ex music teacher. Arpeggios, rock stars, leather and lipstick and dressing room capers, oh my.

Meanwhile, in completely unrelated news, I'm learning all about Steampunk, Swashbuckling Pirates and The Sweats. La, la, la, the more research I do the more effectively I can forget that -


- Did you hear something there? No? Me neither.

Eh bien, no rest for the wicked. I'll get back to my Zorro research.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Yes, Sir

'Under his hand, I blossom' will be appearing in 'Yes, Sir', edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel, and out in March 2008.

I'm never very sure how to describe stories. I think I'd call this one 'intense'. Here's the opening:

'My room is as silent as a theatre before the play starts. Sun slants through the tall windows, sliced into stripes by the blinds, and falls on the pale polished floors. Dust motes dance in the lit spots. I’ve furnished it in exactly the style I prefer - white walls, blue and white sheets on the bed, dark stained furniture, like a Moroccan hotel. It’s my sanctuary - everything arranged according to my wishes, nothing out of place. Which makes the man standing by the door all the more disturbing.'

After that it just gets very, very dirty, very quickly. Wouldn't want to offend my readers' delicate sensibilities, so I'll stop there...

Available for pre-order here! Hoorah!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

I meant to keep this blog all shiny publishing news. Unfortunately, I don't seem to have any at the moment. Instead, some of the random faffing that goes into writing...

I spent yesterday editing a story. Till my eyes were bleeding. Then I fuckin dreamed about it, woke up shouting 'Peacocks!'

Right here, right now, a resolution:

No historical, not ever again. For somebody as anal as me about the details, it's a nightmare. Boyf looked on in despair as I stayed up past midnight (why yes, that is late for me!) googling the botany of mountainous regions in Uttar Prakesh. And certainly, double never-again, historical set in foreign country/sub-continent.*

Next up I am going to write a story that involves zero research whatsoever. I expect that means memoir. Meh. Scratch that.

Damn, I hope it gets accepted.

Otherwise, did I have anything valuable and meaningful to say? Not today. I'll crawl back into my turps-scented hibernation hole then. Someone give me a shove when it's time for port and wensleydale.

*PS: I reserve the right to contradict myself and write several more historical foreign stories in future. I'm nothing if not inconsistent!