Thursday, August 30, 2007

Good housekeeping

Research experiment No. 452:

If one tips single cream at an angle of 120 degrees from a height of around 4 feet, what will be the resulting splash pattern when said cream hits, say, a melon shaped object raised to the level of what would be hip-height were a man kneeling on the floor doggy style?

Hm. Interesting.

I feel like Sarah Lucas, only with a much smaller budget. Particularly when I find vegetables like these in the bottom of the bag:

Right, onto next experiment. No 453: aerodynamic swing of soggy teatowel when stretched to a torque of approximately five with horizontal momentum. Oh my!


Alana said...

Nx, please tell me: how do you write a novel? Seriously. Where does the energy and sustainablity come from? In need of your councel. Counsel? Counsil? Tonsil?


Nikki Magennis said...

Hallo Alana my dear. Sorry for the lag - my computer is bust. Now, how to write a novel. Ah, let me see, that's right here in my file under 'Things You Should Know'. Only I seem to have misplaced my notes. Damn.

Does this mean you're going to write a full-lenght piece? Oh fantastic, I can't wait! The only advice I can think of is to write a synopsis and work slower. That's not much help, is it? Its less about the words and more about the story. Um. Tonsils? Coffee?

Alana said...

Thanks, Nx. Excellent advice.