Wednesday, July 25, 2007

This One Tuesday Night

My poem 'This One Tuesday Night' is now up at Clean Sheets.

(And unlike all the bastardised little dittys I've posted here, it's all my own work!)

I was going to write a whole screed about how poetry is wonderful precisely because there's no money in it, so people just about always write it for love. And about how poems (good poems) can shift my mind into fresh new spaces.

I do believe poems are a mind-altering experience - both to write and to read. They call for a particular state of mind - open, flowing, hard-to-describe. Somewhere rich with words but also wordless.

But today I've woken up with a hangover and don't feel at all poetic, so I'll just leave you the link and crawl off...

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Anonymous said...

Christ, that was lovely Nikki. Thank you for sharing it with us. I think the best inspiration for our poetry is when we are very sad (eg been dumped,bereaved etc) or after we've had a really good shag! (No, not lurv, 'cos it tends to get a bit soppy then). One of my best was when I likened our night of sheer lust to the launch of a space rocket. You got any slim volumes of poems published?
Hope you've recovered from the hangover by now!
Lively Lad