Thursday, July 12, 2007

sometimes writing makes me feel sick.

I am not a 'natural' writer. I have to force myself and it's like herding cats. Sometimes I have to concentrate so fucking hard in order to chase a story I forget to eat anything and I emerge hours later shaking and nauseous.

Charles Bukowski puked a lot though, so maybe it's a good sign.

Writing news: Finished first draft of 'Purple Moon Rocks' for the Sixties Competition and Chapter One of the new, improved Bitchbook. Thank fuck. Can I get drunk now?


Shanna Germain said...

Am glad I'm not the only one. Have decided that my tombstone is going to read "Died of Trying to Finish her First Novel."

Ugh. Woot on chapter one though!

Go, find yourself a drink. I'm going to keep writing since I haven't finished mine yet. Dang it.

Best, s.

WickedBlog said...

You absolutely can get drunk. And I know what you mean about writing... strangely enough, it makes me very physically uncomfortable. I have to get up about every ten minutes and walk around. Why is that? No idea.

Nikki Magennis said...

Uh-uh, S, your tombstone will read 'Prizewinning author'. Trust me.

My favourite inscription is Spike Milligan's: 'I told you I was ill'.

And hello wickedblog - I think that's the Natural Aversion to Writing kicking in there. It seems to afflict me every ten minutes also. (Closely followed by Spectacular Procrastination, A Bout of Self-Loathing and plenty of cigarettes.) Or maybe it's a reflex action to stop deep vein thrombosis setting in.

Daft job, innit? : )

Alana said...

"Finished first draft of 'Purple Moon Rocks' for the Sixties Competition."

This is terrible news.

Alana said...

What? I'm not allowed to feel wrought by petty jeolousy?

Alana said...

Oh yes, I know. Writers are NEVER wrought by jealousy or child-like anxiety. I know.

Alana said...

Its just me, and I suck.

Alana said...

Damn you Magennis and your monumental talent!

Alana said...

You too Germain!

Alana said...

Thank God you don't have to modify all these comments.

I love you, Nx, you know.

Still. Damn you and your monumental talent!

Smut Girl said...

Charles puked cause he was a drunk. I love him but it's true. I read "The '76 Revolution" in LAFS. I think you're a natural. No one said being a 'natural' was painless. I love Bukowski and I love wine and I love writing...

Go have a drink. I'll join 'natural' you.
p.s. I never remember to eat (or god, some days to feed my children. What does that say about me?)

Nikki Magennis said...

Uh, hi Alana!

By 'monumental talent' I presume you're referring to my clever way with the tombstone inscriptions. Har.

But really, thank you. Means a lot to me.

Sommer - thank you too. What I meant by 'natural' is someone who writes eight books a year or ONE HUNDRED AND SOMETHING short stories in six months, or (GERMAIN) tosses out these wonderful first drafts that barely need revising.

And hey - you're probably doing your kids a favour! They'll learn to grow crops and form a new agrarian utopia!

Cheers, all!