Friday, June 01, 2007

Under his hand, I blossom the title of a story I fervently hope will be appearing in a very cool anthology next February. Can't say for 100% sure yet, because it's not totally confirmed. But I am quietly whooping...

Other news - the ever-generous Desdmona is now accepting submissions for the Sixties Short Story competition. Deadline in July - so I'm trying to tune in, turn on and drop out early.

This usually means I'll do a month of random over-the-top research (my second favourite activity) and then not use any of it. Currently I'm learning about the satellite station at Goonhilly. I can't remember why, but its interesting.


Smut Girl said...

Ooh, congrats! I hope it's the same one I am talking about but am too superstitious to say...I'd love to share some pages with you :)

Good luck with the research. Can't stand it myself, but have fun ;)

Alana said...

Oh you ladies. Haha. :-) I love these peek-boo-hints.

Nx, good luck with the research. I enjoy some of that too.


Nikki Magennis said...

Coool, whispered congrats to you too, Sommer!

But how can you not enjoy research??? Was there ever a better excuse for being ridiculously nosy and finding out about the most obscure little things?

And thanks, Alana!