Monday, May 21, 2007

The Day the Music Warped, got Chewed Up and Finally Died

Curry's are no longer going to sell cassette tapes. I know they were crap, and the sound was like sticking your head in a biscuit tin filled with cotton wool. I know I nostalgia ain't what it used to be and I should be grateful for the incredible shuffling iPod with its forty thousand songs.

But awwww... what shall I do with my crate full of cherished cassettes?

Mix tapes from old lovers, the ones you listened to and rewound, listened to and rewound - until it got all stretched and there was more hissing white noise than music. Old recordings of John Peel. Me as a kid making up stories about princesses. Answerphone tapes. The top 40.

RIP, CX60.

Eighties teens everywhere will mourn your passing.


Alana said...

Hi Nx,

Well there we were talking horror films and violent video games then you went and changed the subject.


Cassette tapes. Mine got chewed on a regular basis or would end up with yards and yards of tape outside the cassette on the floor. And I'd patiently roll it back in with my finger.

I was crazy about mixed tapes. Eighties kid that I was. I still have in my possession a box full of cassette tapes that is so heavy I can't lift it. But I also can't part with the tapes. Sentimental reasons.

In my story "Benediction" the character Brent makes mixed tapes. I understand the oddity of that given he's a young guy in the nineties. But hey, I wanted him to come across nostolgic, old fashioned an dsweet.

I understand however a young guy is most likely going to download music off I-Tunes and burn discs on the computer. Haha.

My favorite mixed tape: Blondie, Culture Club, INXS, Duran Duran.

Smut Girl said...

So...I have to get rid of all those tapes? Even though, there isn't a single 'tape' machine in the house they can be played on... :( I have about ten answering machine tapes (no answering machine), I have a bunch of mixed tapes that sort of wuh..wuh..wuh in places before the music kicks back in (at least they did that the last time I listened to them). *sigh* Spring cleaning anyone?

Favorite Mixed tape: U2, the Violent Femmes, The Cure, The Psychadelic Furs, Love and Rockets, and Gene Loves Jezebel (just seriously dated myself there, didn't I?)

Mina Murray said...

Well, I am about to expose my geekdom to the world, but there is actually a way to copy your cassettes to a CD using your PC. The instructions are long (although relatively clear), and you need to download a free program to do it, but it is possible. I, of course, got halfway through and couldn't be bothered, so I caved and did the iTunes thing. Shame on me!

I loved cassettes - remember sitting by the radio, waiting til your song came on, then missing the intro when you couldn't press record quickly enough? And then there was the cassingle...

Alison Tyler said...

Oh, the cassingle. I remember the cassingle!

I have one mixed tape left from an old beau. It's all Bowie. I requested "John I'm Only Dancing" over and over on the second side. He couldn't/wouldn't do it. He put that on twice, but he added all these other songs I wasn't familiar with. Thank God he put on "Oh You Pretty Things" or I might not have known what to name my company.

I will never get rid of that tape.
Not ever.

Alana said...

Smut Girl, AWESOME mixed tape. Can I borrow it?

Mina, I caved too. Am a sick I-Tunes junkie.

Alison, what other Bowie tunes do you like? I have a lot of Bowie. Ziggy Stardust. Did you now his real name is Davy Jones?

Nikki Magennis said...

You see? We're all going to end up with these useless cassettes that we can't play but can't throw away.

One of my favourites somehow recorded a song over another song - 'Waterloo Sunset' over the top of something by Spiritualised. Made a whole new, strange and wonderful song.

My favourite has to be one given to me by a man who'd written a song for me, on one side. The other side was Beach Boys, Velvet Underground, Nina Simone...I live in fear of it stretching. But, hey, Mina! I'll check out that site. There's a way to put your LPs on your computer too now. But I don't think I'll ever throw out my vinyl, even though it weighs a tonne and I don't have a record player anymore...