Tuesday, April 03, 2007


Meine buch auf Deutsch! Ich bin so glucklich! Er is schon, nein?

Wow, I am so inordinately happy. My Erotischer Novel, now available in German.

I so wish I could speak German, beyond 'peanut butter, I love you'.

As it is, I'll just have to content myself with staring at that cover. Love it.

Y'know, April's looking pretty good so far. Summer is a'comin in...LOUD SING CUCKOO! BOUNCE!!!! BOUNCE!!!! +BOUNCE!!!!


kristina lloyd said...


That is such a lovely cover. Very vintage, very sexy, very classy. BL's cover for Circus Excite is one of my favourites too. You done well, girl.

Asking for Trouble got translated into Dutch some years ago. It's got a bloke's bare nekkid arse on the front cover and he's right between a pair of spread lady legs. Basically, they're shagging. Took a while to get used to that one.

Saskia Walker said...

Verrryr nice cover! I like the German take on erotic covers, sort of art house.

Nikki Magennis said...

Hi ladies,

Thanks so much! I think it's lovely and sepia. Portia's got a cover for the same publisher which is also gorgeous - all electric blue.

As for the Dutch cover, Kristina. My, my! I suppose it fulfills the brief...