Tuesday, February 06, 2007

The wild angels

Lately there's been a lot of soul searching Chez Nikki. Imagination has been striding forward with seven-league boots on, picturing the future and asking a lot of awkward questions in the meantime. I picture the future as a kind of fearsome woman with cowboy boots and her hands on her hips. Right now she's reeling questions at me.

"What the hell are you up to?"

"So where is this damn book, then?"

"Are you sure about that?"


I was trying to answer her, but in the end I always want to respond to questions like that with

this song:

Ah Bobby. Are you not beautiful?


Miss Syl said...

Girl, someday, somehow, we have to find a way to go out dancing. We like all the same music. Boy does this song bring back memories...

I saw them live once in New York City and then there was this rave after that most people didn't realize was happening, so there was maybe 30 people dancing in this enormous club and I was very, very, very loaded, as a matter of fact, and zoning in and out, and then I looked up and some poing, and there was Bobby G, just standing there next to me, watching me dance. It was very surreal. And yes, he was very beautiful, but I suspect even more loaded than I was, on something different than I was.

Have you ever seen this post of mine? Same night, that.

And do you like their new CD?

Miss Syl said...

Ergh the link didn't work for some reason. Trying again.


Nikki Magennis said...

Ha, Syl. Lovely story.

I haven't heard their new CD. I limit myself to one CD a month these days, and the last one I got was Gogol Bordello (on your recommendation!).

But yes, I certainly need a good dance. Boyf and I sometimes skip around the kitchen, but it's been ages since I went and got sweaty in some seedy little nightclub. The fact you can't smoke in them anymore kind of puts me off...that's a crap excuse, isn't it?