Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Sleepless nights

I am snuffly and riddled with insomnia, and I have a lot of deadlines this month, so I might be a bit sporadic. Yeah, yeah, what else is new...!

Anyway, over at lustbites, we're planning an 'Ask the Writers' session. We're now ready and waiting to answer your questions. Jump over and ask us what you want to know about writing and erotica. We'll be picking some of the best questions and doing our very best to answer them.

Oh, and I'll be there on Friday overseeing the boxing match between Sexy and Beautiful. Just so long as I can remember what the brilliant idea was that I had at half four in the morning.

Plus next week, I'll be Girl Crushing. Not literally, because that would be messy.

It's International Women's Day on Thursday, so to celebrate I'll be revealing which lady is my current pin up...

Right, nose back to the grindstone/handkerchief...

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