Saturday, December 02, 2006

Naked DIY

Here's a picture you may not want to imagine - me on Friday night brandishing a large gun and wearing only a pair of gardening gloves, yelling at the boyf to bring me a teaspoon.

Yes, I turned down a hep party to stay in and mastic the gap round the top of the bath. (Such is the joy of growing older and living in the suburbs.) I'd read in the Great Book of Plumber's Wisdom that you need to fill the bath with water first. Obviously the easiest way to do the squeezing and filling of the parts that are hard to reach was in the scud. So I stripped and jumped in and merrily plugged away, taking care to keep any sensitive bits out of the way of the Hazardous Substances.

Bath is now iced like a wedding cake, as is some of the floor and the wall. Now I'm wondering, if we'd got a real plumber in to do the job, would they have done the same?


Lively Lad said...

I think someone's been having you on Nikki (but I bet the Bfr enjoyed the experience!)There's absolutely no need to fill the bath (or anything else for that matter) with water before applying a sealant. In fact, with most sealants the surface has to be completely dry - which I bet it wasn't by the time you were doing your Donald Duck act in it!
Hey - but you know, it's a fantastic opening for a real sexy story (but I think I'd leave out the gardening gloves - Health n' Safety aspects notwithstanding - 'artistic licence' n' all that!
Happy soapsuds!
Gordon Islander

Saskia Walker said...

Gordon beat me to it, I was going to say there is definitely a story in there !! ;)

Nikki said...

Ah but you do, Gordon. The weight of the water affects the Sealing Powers of the Mastic...

Hey Saskia - a story is possible, though I feel it might come over all 'Confessions of a Plumber' stylee!