Wednesday, December 13, 2006

More about lustbites

I never expected lustbites to get such a fast and positive response. It's been a hurricane in there - and that's just the tip of the iceberg! Behind the scenes we've all been planning and working feverishly - most of us can now conduct a conversation entirely in html. Without swearing much.

For all those of you who've contacted me to get involved - a huge thank you. We've stopped taking on new 'contributing authors' now, as our sidebar is well and truly overflowing. To clarify how it all works:

All our contributing authors are published female authors. Most of us work for Black Lace or Cheek books (that's my publisher), which is 'erotica for women, by women'.
BUT we warmly and enthusiastically welcome all your comments. We want to generate discussion, build a community and learn more about all the folk in the erotic sphere, writers, readers, publishers et al.

I'm sorry we can't take on everybody as a contributing author, but I do need some time to eat and sleep (hey, maybe even write!) and we had to put a cap on it at some point.

I hope you'll join us and keep visiting as the blog continues to grow and transform...

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