Friday, December 08, 2006

I have this dream...

That me and all the people I know and love - scuse me, I'm a little tipsy, this might get sentimental - are having a big party at my house by the sea, on the cliff top, in the garden. You know, everybody. The sun's shining and there's charred meat on the grill and we're drinking cold glasses of wine and laughing.

In my experience the actual parties - even the big ones - never quite manage to include everybody. There's the long-lost lovers and the friends we've fallen out of touch with. The people who are no longer with us. Or it rains or we get too drunk or lose our wallet. Something always gets in the way and clouds the experience a little.

And then I realise that the whole of life might be like that party, only not condensed into one afternoon. A series of dreams, of wonderful times, spaced out graciously over years and years.

Have a good weekend all. x


Alana said...

Holy crap! When I write drunk my post is never this good. Beautiful. Thank you for sharing.



kristina lloyd said...

Brought a tear to my eye, that did. You worked so hard last week. Thank you.

Clink! (That's the sound of our wine glasses meeting.)