Saturday, December 02, 2006

The edited life

I'm writing this post entirely without the use of the 'delete' kay. It's a little unnerving to say the least, but it's for a reason. I realised that now we tend to cumminicate by text and email and every message we send is can be smoothed and altered and f'ixed' before we commit to it. Real conversation is so messy - htere's no record of what we've said and there's not way to go back and add in the joke we just thought o or unsay what we wish we hadn't.

Remeber typerwiters? Letters on onionskiin paper? Illuminated maunscripts fo tat matter. The difference is the spped, I think. these days we clatter out and beep and send what sanitised second thoughts we tink are fit for opsterity. The only way to write chorently without editing is to slow the whole process down. Perhaps we might breahte slower too. Thiink better. Or even we might remember all the failings and errrors and hiatu

ses that amke up life in real itime. My editor's going to hate me, if I stick tot he new philosophy of writing wihtout editing. This stuff is barely legible. And it may take me some time to sharpen the quill and commence work on the new Book. Expect a completed one in a couple of years...meanwhile , have a slow and delighteful Sudnay, with all its errors and mishaps intact. x


kristina lloyd said...

Ah, thta's teh ufnniest ting i've read in agse! Treu too.

Lively Lad said...

Y don thos klevver fowk at Goggle pud a speelcheek on dis ding oy wunder? acherley we@s kud hinvent a nole new lankwich bud I dinn a fink yo heditor will gofer eet!
nodroG rednalsI

Alana Noel said...

Nikki, I loved this post. What fun. And what a great point you make, super. I always edit emails, letters, everything to death, adn you're right, i guess it loses some o it s original intesnity, objective or something.

love you

Nikki said...

cheers guys. I'm consiering takingup the non-edited languge full time. Though taht could be sheer laziness.

Lively Lad said...

ok den leds ave sum rolliking boiliking drty woids innit, a?

Lively Lad (aka Gordon)