Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Summer in midwinter - the tea ceremony

Writing: I sit with these words in my head and try not to think about them, but only of them:

Meat, shoes, fat girl, rum, chopped limes, summer, sex, cigar, money, hair-grease, teeth.

Now I'm going to try and weave it all together. God, this is a strange way to spend your days. Things are finally easing off on the other-work front, so I should be getting back into some solid writing. Only, the more time stretches ahead, the more I tend to fidget. Enough, I'm being strict today. And kind.

In other news - now I've got a little breathing space I'm taking time to rediscover the very small things that I take pleasure in. For one thing - a good cup of tea. My tea making ritual changes, but I've always loved the elements. There's something about making oneself a cup of tea that seems like the ultimate pleasure. I just found Darjeeling is my new favourite, light and sweet and good. I have a favourite cup - (bone china, natch). A carved wooden Indian tray. Sugar bowl, the nice spoon with the thin neck that I um, borrowed from a cafe because I loved it so much. Freshly drawn water, a slowly steeped bag.
A cup that warms the hands. Steam rising. Sip.


kathrynoh said...

I love tea. I've got a favourite tea cup but it's in storage atm. I must find it because tea never tastes the same out of any other cup. Oh, and I once borrowed a very nifty tea strainer from a cafe :)

Gordon Islander said...

Well, I hope you're using a proper teapot and 'loose' tea and not those disgusting teabags which to me always look like poor drowned mice!
Very stimulating to the imagination!
Gordon Islander

Nikki said...

Hi Kathryn,

I'm glad I'm not the only one to liberate silverware from cafes!

And Gordon,

I'm afraid I'm a teabag girl. But the image of drowned mice will stick with me - you may have a convert.

Jane said...

Love the ritual of tea (and coffee for all that matters). I've got a big collection of funky, decorative teapots that I never use. Maybe I should. My favorite is a silver airstream trailer home. Anyway, I digress...my favorite tea of the moment is jasmine green tea (but it never turns out like it does in my favorite chinese restaurant). I could not agree more that the drinking vessel is just as important as the tea itself.

Gordon Islander said...

Jane, if you're using a silver (or any other metal)teapot then it won't taste like the tea from your favourate Chinese restauraunt.Try with bone china or just a plain old earthenware one and you'll notice the difference right away!

Hey, and Nikki - loose tea works out much cheaper than those instant mice you know! (I thought you said you were skint?)