Wednesday, November 08, 2006


It's gone quiet in here lately, I know.

For once I am actually working my big fat arse off. Starting (finally! At last!) My Next Novel. The plot's not fully worked out, but I think if I hum and haw anymore I'll go crazy. And hopefully it will fix itself as I write.

And waiting, waiting, waiting, for responses to half a dozen pieces I've sent out into the ether. This is the point I get all superstitious, and think: If I repeat affirmations and cross my fingers and am good, they will be accepted.

Meanwhile, been exercising my new camera and being a hungover, partially useless fashion photographer for a friend. We discussed the pics today, and I actually heard myself say 'she's got hips that just don't work in that outfit'. At which point my BF snorted his tea all over the table and I realised how far I am from being the kind of person that can pass comment on anybody's appearance. Didn't stop me from labelling the next outfit 'a bit reader's wives'.

For your viewing pleasure, my good friend being styled. (Head removed so she doesn't kill me.)

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