Thursday, October 26, 2006

Wrapped up

- two shorts that I had to edit yesterday. At least, I got to the point where all the words were swimming and I couldn't tweak anymore.

And then got to do what I'd really wanted to do all day - start on my punky bondage Strawberry Switchbladesque story.

I swear, it's like channeling. Sit to write, do a paragraph (nine o'clock, still not even been to the supermarket. Boyfriend is saying stuff to me, speaking in my ear. I'm thinking - will the bus work as a location? What is she wearing?). Finally get dragged out to buy supplies. Pissing rain. Yes, I think, it's raining in the story too. Wet clothes. Ribbons.

I'm here but I'm not here, I'm in a parellel universe, a forty year old man remembering his punk-soaked youth and the girl who caught his eye on a rainy night...

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