Thursday, October 05, 2006


I'm 30, that's it. End of the twenties. I'm wearing new boots and panties, and I've got a shit hot camera to play with.

Also, got my first sales report for Circus Excite today - somehow I forgot that people would actually buy it. And they have! Thanks to all of you, you've made my birthday very happy.

Now I'm off for cake ...

xxx Nikki


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to you
Squashed tomatoes and stew
Bread and butter, in the gutter
Happy Birthday to you!

Have fun with that camera.

ps. how do you get a sales report then? Nobody sends me one... do you have to ask for one, or go somewhere to get one?

Enquiring minds need to know!



Anonymous said...

Er... me again...

Do you mean a royalty statement? In which case, I get them, but mine hasn't arrived yet.

I am so dumb!



Nikki said...

Yes, royalty statement, that's it. I'm obviously not very au fait with the whole business.

*Phones boyfriend to ask if he can explain what these numbers mean. Oh, that's the date, right. Got you.*

Madelynne said...

Happy Birthday to you... I won't sing, you wouldn't appreciate it :-)

ps. How come the post reaches Scotland before the rest of the country? Enquiring minds want to know.

Anastasia said...

Happy birthday and congrats, btw I'm on the way there, getting there (it's currently in my to read pile, as in real pile)

Miss Syl said...

Happy birthday! Now you can start wearing those obnoxious shirts that say things like "Thirty and flirty!!!!"

Or, um, not.

Nikki said...

Thank you thank you one and all.

Madelynne - The post gets to Scotland first because our lovely postmen are so sleek and athletic. It's the healthy Scottish diet.

Ana - I'm honoured to be in your to-be-read pile!

And Miss Syl - Funny, I got a card that said exactly that. Inside the kids had written 'you must be groing then', so I let them off with it because they're six and so damn cute.

Today I have a slight hangover to deal with and a house to paint before tomorrow. Stupid idea to strip the walls just before I organised a party, but there you go...

Alana Banana said...


Happy Belated! (Although I wished you well before.) New boots and panties? Awesome! Are you going to post any birthday photos? Was it a wild party?

Btw, congratulations on sales for Circus Excite. Proud to say I own an autographed copy. XXOO


Nikki said...

Thanks Alana! I will post some photos once I work out how to attach the camera to the computer - had a lovely and relatively civilised party.

Old and dear friends dancing to Salt n Pepa like the ageing clubbers we are...I just can't keep up the pace these days!


Saskia Walker said...

Belated Happy Birthday!!! Many happy returns. Saskia

Nikki said...

Cheers Saskia! I think I have to put a stop to the birthdayness at some point and come back to earth. Maybe all these deadlines will kick me out of merry celebratory mood....