Thursday, October 12, 2006

Take two.

...And in classic ditz fashion, I appear to have lost my manuscript.

There will be no four-under-a-blanket snippet, as it is lost on my defunct hard drive and only available in some of the few remaining print copies of the book. Hurry, kids, while stocks last!

Instead, I've put up the 'Pepper's Ghost' scene - one of Julia's dance routines with the circus. Later I may add more. After I've had a stiff drink and wept a little, because I really have lost two thirds of my manuscript...


Alana said...


This happened to me before. Twice. Technical malfunction or brain fart? I don't care to distinguisg because frankly the thought still pains me and the memory i slike a ghost that won't ever quite leave.

I lost two fricking manuscripts!

Nikki, I'm so sorry. If I were feeling a little better I'd have a stiff fdrink with you but I've got this awful cold.


Alana said...

Wow. I should have spell-checked that last post!

Can you read that?

Madelynne said...

Ah, Nikki, that sucks! My laptop is forever eating swathes of text, but I've never lost a whole manuscript. Burn them onto CD sweetie, and keep a print copy too.

PS. How defunct is your old hard drive? When mine died my other half got some widget that allowed him to rescue most of the data.

Nikki said...

Hi Alana,

Thanks for the commiseration. I'm not so devastated, because I have got a print copy somewhere. I think. And now I've got a hangover too...Imagine all the lost manuscripts drifting in the literary version of purgatory...

Madelynne - it's dead as two dead ducks. I had a couple of people look at it/run some clever program on it. 'Fucked' was the technical conclusion.


Shanna said...

Get a thumbdrive! (also known as a jumpdrive and, uh, something else). They're cheap (at least here in the states), they're small (the size of a thumb), they're "plug 'n play" and they hold up to 2G of all your important writing, photos, etc. etc.

I highly recommend them to everyone I know as a back up plan. I keep two, actually--one that I take everywhere in case I need something, and one I leave at home for a backup of the backup!

I found them after my hard-drive crashed and I lost EVERYTHING. I don't have the patience for CDs, zip disks are expensive and these are FAST!

Sorry for the losing. I know that sucks.

Big hugs, s.

Nikki said...

Hi Shanna,

Yes, I think I have one of them. I think what I really need is a super-organised secretary who'll keep tabs on it all for me.