Tuesday, October 10, 2006

The new buzz...

Starting round about now, I'll be doing some blogging and writing over at Vibrator.com - looking forward to the reviews very much...

Join me for Adventures in The Land of Sex Toys!


Anonymous said...

You naughty thing! LOL!

Alana said...


I need a new vibe. Honestly. Mine finally gave out on me after four wonderful years together. It was pink, multi-speed, but a little noisy. Anyway, what do you recommend? I've been checking vibes out at Babes in Toyland (I think.)I mean I think that's where I was. I got lost in there. So many vibes and dildos and movies and things I've never heard of before.

Peace, A

Nikki said...

Well, as ever the rabbits are very popular madam, but we do now have some lovely glass vibrators in stock for the more aesthetically minded customer.

Would madam care to try a combination of beads and prongs in this season's latest colours?

; )

Seriously, there's so many out there Alana. I need to do a whack of research before making recommendations! (hint to editor....)

Alana said...


Love you. Keep me posted on research.