Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Who's in charge round here?

(Whispering quietly so as not to scare it away.) I think I found a plot. It's the same one as I had last week, but it's tweaked and licked a little here and there and it might just shape up. I'm scared, because it's fairly simple. I prefer to hide behind lots of twists, in the hope the reader will be so dazzled by the plot they won't notice the writing. But this time, it's going to have to be good. I'll have to write it well, no choice when it's just a man and a woman and a very limited scene.

I've pinned up Hemingway's quote: Never confuse movement with action above my desk, and I'm solemnly sticking to it. It means rather than running away scared I'm delving deep into my character's thoughts and feelings and wants and fears.

Without giving too much away, it's going to be first person, present tense (Note to self - Oh Jesus, must you? Really?), and pretty intense too. I need to find out everything about BDSM! Immediately!

Heh heh heh, rubbing hands. Shopping list:

Feathers (Okay, that's just me.)

I'm excited about this now. While some readers may have sought out this blog hoping for kinky tales (sorry!) and may not appreciate it, this is what really gets me going. Catching the drift. Hitting the point where it looks like the crazy idea might just woik....

Meanwhile, can anyone point me in the direction of some good sources for BDSM research? I know there's a club here in Glasgow but I'm absolutely terrified at the thought of going and being exposed as an undercover author-spy, and having my clothes rip-ped from my body...

Enough. Now back to it, workbitch!


wendywoo said...

Read the books of Cyrian Amberlake. He's always an inspiration for me when I write BDSM. Also Pat Califia [as was]. Watch 'Fetishes' by Nick Broomfield and 'Preaching to the Perverted'...

Those should give you some background without having to leave the house!

ps. there's a book called Continuum that might interest you too... ;)



Nikki said...

hee hee, I was hoping you'd drop by, Wendy!

I'm just about to start gathering material, thanks lots for the tips.

It's a jungle out there - god, you should see some of the websites I just got lost in!

Madelynne said...

Yay to Preaching to the Perverted! Personal Services may also be worth a look. Book wise, there are always the classics, ie Venus in Furs, Justine, Story of O.



ps. Congrats on finding your plot.

Shanna said...

I like Pat Califia's book Sensual Magic, as well. It's kind of a how-to guide more than anything, but I often use it as a basis for character interactions in BDSM stuff.

Other than that, I can only recommend Alison Tyler's current blog, which I'm guessing you're already reading :)

Best, s.

Alana Banana said...


C'mon. Seriously. Go to the club! What better excuse than research?

I'm thinking about hitting a Swinger's Club all in the name of research.

Except I have no swinging partner. Don't swingers generally come in couples? What do solo swingers do? Watch. Perfect!

Additional research: The Sleeping Beauty trilogy, most anything by Alison Tyler (her blog!) a book called "Carrie's Story" and of course see the film "The Secretary."


Nikki said...

Whew, that's a lot of reading/watching/clubbing I've got to do! Thanks so much guys. If I ever need to know stuff about kinks and perversions, I know who to ask!

Had a look at Pat Califia's site - seems like an amazing person and an interesting writer too. I've made a list of all the books I want - including one by Sensuous Sadie that looks pretty good. (And at least 'Continuum' by that Portia bird, if not all the others too!)

Yes, have been reading Alison Tyler's blog. It's beautifully written and quite fascinating, isn't it?

Loved the Secretary film. And maybe a tangent, but watched Basic Instinct 2 last night. Enjoyed the plot. I just wish Ms Stone hadn't somehow looked like Madonna - she's a beautiful women but came across as utterly false. And not very sexy at all.

RIGHT - off to worry at the synopsis further. Thanks again girls, you're all amazing xx

Tilly said...

Um. There might be quite a lot about BDSM on this thing called the intarweb. Try Bondage.com. Hell, try wikipedia.

Saskia Walker said...

I say go the club too. I used to go to Torture Garden in London and I never felt uncomfortable. I went with a group of friends but actually spent a good part of the time on my own, observing. Just dress strong and you'll be fine ;)

Nikki said...

Hi Tilly.

Yes, I looked on Wikipedia. Better yet, I found...Wipipedia! There is indeed a lot of stuff on the web - it's just a matter of sifting through it all without getting tangled. ; )

And Saskia, yes, I know, I'll have to go to the club. Sigh. Better dust off the rubber suit. Torture Garden looks amazing, by the way. I don't think the Glasgow club is quite the same, but should be fun anyway. Will let you all know...

Laura Bacchi said...

Hi Nikki! You may want to check these out:


(The Eulenspiegel Society - see their 'Resources' link on the right - not the easiest navigation)

(The Society of Janus)

Have fun with your 'research' ;)

Nikki said...

Thanks Laura, there's some great stuff here. It's so easy to get lost in all the thousands of BDSM sites, I appreciate it when someone points me to a couple of gems...