Thursday, September 21, 2006

The plot thickens.

I woke up this morning thinking - I know the plot is in there somewhere already. I can smell the damn story, just not see it clearly yet.

And then, while doing some serious writing avoidance, I stumbled on a post by Morgan Hawke that lays it all out so beautifully, I am about to go and nail the monster.

I think what I meant by 'organic' plotting was that once one has created a character, their story is nascent within them. I don't like to just throw the heroine into conflicts for the sake of it - I want her actions to grow from her character. I'm probably agonising too much and taking it far too seriously, but this is how I work. It has to be meaningful to me. Starting a novel feels like preparing for a long sea voyage, and I want to be well prepared.

It's a little scary, like when the clouds draw back and the sun is very bright. I know that I have to be very honest about the story, if I'm to enjoy writing it. There's been a little talk lately among writer friends about writing what you love, and I thoroughly agree with the idea. Otherwise I might as well go and get a job in the drycleaners.

So here goes. Off to dissect and analyse my poor character, and then throw her headlong into her worst and best fears and desires...

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