Monday, September 04, 2006

Don't pogo in an underwired bra

The best and the worst part of the weekend's festival was jumping up and down for a full hour while The Fall played. The Fall are the same age as me, and I think I'm just an inch too old for such boisterous exuberance. I'm trying to cultivate a more sophisticated and elegant attitude for my thirtieth year. But the drums went bang-bang and the keyboards clanged and the little sliver of me that is not grown up yet couldn't help it. The stiller Mark E Smith stood, the more I bounced, and the kids all around bounced back and we smiled at each other before giving another little shove.
So civilised.
But now I have aching calf muscles, stomach muscles and bottom muscles. There's a big red friction burn across my ribs from my bra. I hate to think what I've done to my uplift. And my masseuse will be most displeased, as the recovery process for the back did not include Bouncing.

Ah, but for one hour, I felt like Tigger in grown up punk heaven.


Alana said...

Hey Nikki,

I love this post. You only live once and sounds like you had a marvelous time bouncing and shoving your way through a throng of happiness. Good for you.


P.S. How's the critique going over at Fish Tank? You mentioned a story that was giving you grief. Any helpful feedback yet?

Nikki said...

Hi Alana. I did have a marvelous bounce, thanks.

And I got amazing feedback from the Fish Tank, as ever. Everything from comma placement to history/geography, through tense shifts and feedback on the 'voice' of the character. Those guys are the best editors I've every had. You should join up too!

Saskia Walker said...

LOL Good for you! I'm way older than you (and I have a wonky leg) and it doesn't stop me either. I'll be lopsided bouncing for The Cult soon. ;)