Thursday, August 03, 2006

Sex in Public

Hooray!!! Joyous news - my story 'Housebound' will be appearing in the 'Sex and Public' anthology by Black Lace, due out next year sometime. Very happy. Dancing.

Would be dancing, if it weren't for the spasms. Time to get the glad rags on and go celebrate...


wendywoo said...

Hope your back feels better soon! Take care...

And congrats on SIP! I hope he puts me out of my misery soon too. Yeah or nay... it's the waiting that kills you, innit?



Shanna said...


**claps excitedly**

It's a great story -- I would have been shocked if they rejected it :)


Alana Noel said...

Hey Nikki. This is wonderful happy news. I'll toast you tonight when I have my nightly glass of red wine. Merlot. Whatever's on sale. Haha.

Really, isn't this the sort of news that makes your day? Getting published! Can't wait to read the anthology. Isn't this the same book Shanna Germain got into? Yup, I think it is.

Promises to be a good collection.


Anastasia said...

Congratulations Nikki!

Great going :)))