Thursday, August 24, 2006

My glittering career

This is how I work. Spend weeks gathering projects, making lists, looking at deadlines with a kind of detached, curious horror. Make another list, with a timescale and stars for the super-urgent projects. Ignore them. Write down about fifty 'cool titles' for stories I won't ever write. Perhaps some first lines, random ideas that bubble up from the murk.

Look at the list again. Pick the least urgent item and waste days researching some very small detail that is not essential to the plot. Look at calendar, feel panic rising. Decide to redecorate flat. Deadlines still approaching, but now can't reach the desk to do anything about it. Pile more assignments on top.

At last, when there's not a single alternative left, I'll write.

I think I just arrived there...

(In other news, got the cover proofs for 'Sex in Public' this week - a verry cool cover, don't you think?)

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Saskia Walker said...

Verrrrry nice cover! You write the way I write. :-) I have a deadline pressing and yet I decided out of the blue I just had to rework an ancient short that's been rejected twice already. Why? Who knows.