Tuesday, July 04, 2006


And getting nothin done. It's beautiful hazy weather out there but I am hypnotised by this bloody computer screen. Apart from making cup a soups, all I've achieved today is ... um. Nothing. I keep opening documents and then sliding off into tangents. Can't settle. Admin, I can call it an admin day, can't I? Rather than admit I've done NOTHING of any value.

OK, I've composed a letter to a formidable sexual philosopher to ask him to allow me to probe him. Research for the book. Unsurprisingly, I'm unable to post it because it sounds so damn rude. And found a book I want - the Carnal Prayer Mat by Li Yu. One of those ancient yet apparently very contemporary stories - Tale of Genji-esque.

Sigh. And yesterday was so promising...(this is where I take a hold of my head and crack it hard off the table, and *force* myself to do something. Adios...

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