Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Nekkid = erotica?

In another life I was or am a painter. Last week, late night drunken argument revolved around life drawing and whether it's remotely sexual. Now, I've spent time sitting on the couch bare naked, while hairy old men scribble away in a circle around me. I've done the scribbling and I've taught classes in the same.

Most of us, artists and models, would protest loudly that it's not at all sexual. Really, it comes down to line, tone, shade, and finding a long enough piece of charcoal. And yes, I can dig this. Just a naked body, after all, and I'm not prudish.

But then - how come I'd feel uneasy posing naked for certain people? There's an intimacy there than must be more than body-shyness.

And how come most 'erotic' art is just pictures of naked ladies? Barring photos, it seems any nubile woman unclothed qualifies as a sexual object. Even if she's only washing her hair.

It's a thorny issue, and one I'm still thinking on. Meanwhile, enjoy the picture.

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