Monday, July 24, 2006

Monday monday..

It certainly is. I can tell because it started so bad.

I woke up from a dream about my houseboat sinking, shouting 'turn off the water pump' at my poor b.f.

Turns out the good builders that have moved in next door have indeed got a (very large) waterpump. It's also very loud, and they are running it merrily and have been since the crack of dawn. (OK, since half eight this morning. I count that as dawn.) Whatever the hell they are pumping out, I hope it smells noxious and gives them all a headache to match mine. And I hope they feel bad that they are thwarting my latest attempt to write something beautiful, profound and totally unrelated to water pumps.

Second Mondayish snag - seeing some photos of myself taken recently. Jesus H. One is quite taken aback sometimes by just how white/large/oddly shaped one's body is. So that trashed my morning. Now, what's for lunch?

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