Wednesday, July 26, 2006

The glory!

I know it's tragic, just how much a little thing can boost me. But LOOK! I got four stars at Amazon, the reviewer said:

'This book surprised me it was not what I was expecting and I always love a book who can pull that off'

(in one breath. The review did spoil the plot a little, but bless her and thank you, and is there a cure for rampant narcissism?)

Ah, happy days!


wendywoo said...

Congrats! How lovely to get a review on Amazon... People rarely review my books there, although I did get a nice one for Entertaining Mr Stone at recently. Unfortunately, when I was looking around at the same time, I found some absolute stinkers for some of my other books... It's mainly the people who don't enjoy my work who speak up!;)

Madelynne said...

Congrats, Nikki. BTW, don't know if you've seen it but you've a 5 star review on

Anastasia said...

It's great. Narcissim? No's fantastic to be rewarded for work that you do, and a novel at that as well.

(also, I've looked it up here in Australia, and Penguin Australia has a 31st July release date for it, so I'm going to grab it from a bookstore because my stupid card isn't one of Amazon's faves lol)

Sluggy said...

NiKKi,are you sure it wasnt a bloke?

Nikki said...

A bloke???

Blokes aren't allowed to read Black Lace books, it says so on the back.

Thanks all for your kind words -
Wendy you're a goddess among smut writers, don't let anyone tell you otherwise.
Madelynne, yes I saw it, pretty cool huh? Already celebrated that one heartily!
Anastasia - problems with card - you could shoplift it. I hear from contacts in bookstores who shall remain nameless that erotica are the most-stolen books. It's ok cos the shop's insured and the author still gets paid!
And sluggy. Really. Of course it was a woman.

Alana said...

Awesome news Nikki. And if it's narcissim, so what? Isn't an ego mandatory in writers?

One thing I've noticed over the years about writers (myself included) is we're the most egotistical and insecure people in the world.

Again, congrats re: the review.


Sluggy said...

Maybe it wasn't a bloke, but he/she did say, "I love a book that can pull that off"

Anonymous said...
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