Thursday, June 29, 2006

Gone fishing

Ok, let me give you an insight into a writer's pathetic morning. Spent a few minutes trawling the web to see if anyone has noticed Circus Excite, loved it, hated it, bought it.

Found it featured on the front page of which is cool.

Found a one word review from a reader on the Canadian Amazon site. She picked it out and called it 'terrific!'. Julia Petterson, whoever you are, thank you. That's the first response I've had from a reader and I'm disproportionately grateful.

Ah, recognition!

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Madelynne said...

Hi Nikki, there's a mixed review of Circus Excite in this month's Scarlet magazine. They thought the writing was good but weren't so keen on the premise. Still, I'd be thrilled just to get a mention in a women's glossy.