Thursday, June 08, 2006

False starts

Yesterday, scrunched up at the small part of the table not covered in dust sheets, flowerpots and power tools, tried to make a start. Surrounded by men removing windows, scraping, banging and blaring Radio 2, I didn't get very far.
Made a collage instead, which nicely frittered away a couple of hours. Pics of the locations and characters.
Then cruised around at reading other people's stories. Which is humbling. Some of the writers out there are making truly shit hot work. And they know their onions. Damn. There's a forum where you can post stories for criticism, but I have to admit to feeling kind of shy. If I had the first chapter down, maybe.

I need to get into that buzzy mode though. There's two ways I can write - one, by being in the right frame of mind, hitting the voice and just hammering it out. Fast, fun and usually produces good work. Or two, by laboriously working it all out, crafting th story, building it one word at a time. This way usually produces acceptable work, but lacks the special sparkiness. So I need to get in the flow. Tea and cigs usually help at this point...

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